PatThrough the visual language of digital photography I attempt to wear many hats.  Sometimes I am a historian creating a bridge for today’s moments to tomorrow’s generation.  Other times I am trying to immortalize the fleeting life of a flower or  a crisp fall day.  And yet there are other days when my focus is on bringing the hidden out for all to see.

   My images span a range of subjects; from the love shared between a pet and it’s owner, to the tiniest detail in a flower petal, to the moody temperament of a coastal landscape, or to finding the abstract in the ordinary.  I strive to capture soulful, relaxing and pleasing images. My art is my voice.  My hope is that other people will understand what I’m saying and find joy in the experience of seeing it the way I do.

   My current work is focused on botanical photography with most of my subjects inhabiting my garden, which is another passion of mine.